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Saturday, December 6

Brylee is a star!

Wow! Have we been busy with Christmas portraits! (Not much time these days to keep up to date with our blog!)

What a great little subject we had the privilige to photograph today. Jeannie photographed Natalie and Steve's wedding a couple of years ago. (All I remember is that they looked great in their photographs... and still do!) They've now entrusted us to capture this very special time in Brylee's young life... only five weeks.

Being that Anne Geddes is one of my heroes, I always think her my muse when we are photographing babies. We photograph a lot of the same themes without the heavy use of props. We think it brings more attention to our babies.

...and she was so good for us!

Friday, November 14

Elizabeth and Jack's Wedding

Elizabeth and Jack were married in Marr Chapel of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church. It was filled with guests bringing their best wishes for this couple.

The celebration continued at The Mill, Chattanooga's new hot spot for weddings and events. This building had a previous life as a hosiery mill, but has been made into a fabulous venue. We love the casual but elegant ambiance.

We had so much fun making Elizabeth's bridal portrait, and it looked stunning displayed in the gorgeous frame from Gold Leaf Designs and Gallery.

We thank Elizabeth and Jack for letting us be part of their celebration of a new life together!

Wednesday, October 29

Merrit, Cason, and Gus

Just a fun new way I've found to photograph kids in my studio... They have so much fun with it.

Moms are looking for different looks all the time and they love this very casual way of photographing. The kids get to lay on the floor (as close as they'll let me get them), and I get to get out of my traditional "box" and shoot something unique.

I never have liked lots of props in my portraits. (I think it takes away from the subjects!) So, finding new ways to photograph has been challenging. We regularly attend professional conferences and look for new ways to do things. I've fallen hard for this one.

I think Nora will be pleased...

Tuesday, October 21

...And the Trolls came out to play!

Adam and Mary Lauren chose to have their wedding away from the bustle of our busy world. They said their vows in front of their family and closest friends at Welcome Valley Village on the Ocoee River at Benton, Tennessee.

Although there was a bit of chill in the air, the sky was intensely blue and the sun lit up brightly the early autumn leaves. The tree tops were golden in the afternoon sun. The Ocoee River shimmered in the breeze. The day was spectacular.

How fun it was to get to share their special day with them and their families. The food, cooked on site, was a treat. There is nothing like meat on the grill with fresh salads, sauteed vegetables, and copious fuits on long skewers to please my palate.

...And then there was the cake! Mary Lauren chose a from scratch, home made real, caramel cake made by Karen Vessels of Signal Mountain. The icing has crystalized just a bit and made the rich, savory flavor of the caramel that much more enticing. Yum!

Oh, Yeah! And there were those trolls that appeared at the wedding, demanding that all sign, or rather draw in, their guest book or be eaten. Everyone took pains to "illustrate" the wedding day in the book, although it was obvious that Adam was by far the best artist in residence at the wedding.

Saturday, October 18

I owe an apology to Laura for not getting these posted sooner!

Laura's mom, Carol, set the bar high for me, coaxing Laura and her family to come to Signal Mountain from Atlanta for VERY CASUAL portraits. She wanted them to feel completely natural and unaffected and wanted all black and white.

Well, while they're maybe not completely candid, the photographs ended up very warm and casual. I think I caught the fun that seems to define her gang!

We're thankful to be so busy! I hope this tease gives her a glimpse of all the other wonderful casual and candids from the session. I can't wait to show her the rest.

Tuesday, October 14

Sarah and Matt's Wedding

Sarah and Matt had the most perfect wedding day! With wonderful weather, we were able to make family portraits outside in the garden at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, followed by an inspirational ceremony in the beautiful sanctuary.

Their fabulous reception was held at the Hunter Museum. What a unique venue for a party! There was plenty of space for a delicious buffet, sofa groupings, gorgeous floral arrangements, and special lighting effects.

Their Sound Force DJ kept the dance music going, and the guests kept the dance floor occupied all evening.

At the end of the celebration, we all wished them a fond farewell as they headed off for their new life together.

Best friends and sisters!

Tish said her girls are BIG smilers! Well, I'm inclined to agree.

However, when Audrey and Ella are a bit pensive, the show those beautiful eyes! I feel like I caught both for Tish and her task will be tough, choosing how she wants to remember her twins.

They were enthusiastic and at the same time patient with us adults as we fawned over them and cajoled them, looking for perfection.

I'm just sure that I've captured a little slice of mischief and a bit of angel in both.

Wednesday, October 8

Aden and Patrick

Aden and Patrick had a gorgeous wedding day at Laurelwood, on Signal Mountain. The ceremony took place under the trees; you could feel God's presence in this beautiful setting.

All the guests gathered for a quick photo op...

The wedding party had a great time! Aden's choices for unique decorations and attire were so wonderfully coordinated with the just-starting-to-turn trees.

These two are soooo romantic!

Mary Ann and Jim's Wedding

The Little Brown Church in Summertown, on Walden's Ridge, is quaint, secluded, and surrounded by natural mountain beauty... a perfect setting for Mary Ann and Jim's wedding.

All the girls got ready for the big day at the home of the bride's grandparents. Must be every little girl's dream...

They were delivered in style in an amazing mega-limo.

Jim and Mary Ann are a wonderful couple, and radiate love and happiness.

After the ceremony, they took a little stroll down the lane and we caught them stealing a quick kiss!

May their love last forever!

Monday, October 6

Chad and Jennifer

I guess over a year ago now, I got inside information that Chad was going to ask Jennifer to marry him. Jennifer was finally getting her ring! When Chad popped the question, I guess there wasn't much doubt that she would accept!

...And how flattering and humbling to me that Leigh trusts me enough to call me and schedule the wedding day beforehand. She simply said, "Put them on your calendar!" I do feel like one of their own. Jennifer and Chad are the fourth couple in the family that I've shared wedding days with.

However, it's getting harder and harder to top the photographs from the last one. But... Wow! Jennifer chose fall colors for the wedding that perfectly complemented the day, the season, and mostly HER. Her auburn red hair was electric in the bright fall sun! And her smile outshined even that!

Tuesday, September 30

Hello Ruffner!

We got to photograph another new baby boy! We love having our brides and grooms call us with the news that they are expecting a baby. When they ask when is the best time to first bring their new little one for photographs, we tell them "anytime" is the best time. But we especially love it when they are very young, the way they fold up, cuddle in, and oftentimes fall asleep in the middle of the session.

Ruffner was so alert, cooperative, and easygoing, and it was obvious that he has filled his family with lots of joy!

Friday, September 26

We meet baby Maddox!

We are always so excited to get a call from our brides and grooms that they have a new family member. We couldn't wait to photograph Maddox, Suzanne and Brad's new little baby boy. He was so bright and alert, and he kept us all hopping.

None of those sleeping-baby poses for him!

We had fun, and judging from his little smile, he did too!

Tuesday, September 23

Awesome couple / Awesome party!

It was on a particularly clear and cool evening on the grounds of the historic Fillauer House in Cleveland. The late summer sun, lying low in the west shone golden in the treetops and splashed over the old stone walls, lighting the lawns among long, irregular shadows. Cicadas and crickets buzzed softly, hardly noticable beneath the melodies of the stringed quartet playing under the trees. Roses, callas, and hydrangeas were laced in the vines intertwined around the brilliant white pergola set on a bright green lawn surrounded by 360 degree seating. With all family and friends in place and anxiously looking on...

Alexis and Miller got married!!!

..and what a party they had!

Beautiful Smoky Mountains evening...

I've known Louise a very long time. We go way back!

The last time I was at her home in Benton, overlooking the mountains, I told her that sometime I wanted to photograph her family with those beautiful, blue mountain tops as her setting.

Wow! Did the evening weather cooperate... and Wow, did little Brown manage to hold off the sandman long enough to smile a few times before bedtime... and Wow, we owe Abigail a lot (She got Christin home through I-75 traffic jams and has a very special connection to Brown!)

We're very pleased that these turned out so beautifully and know that Louise is going to love them on her walls!

(Oh, and I think Granbe will love them, too!)

Thursday, September 18

Hyson (and Tippie)

Hyson seemed a princess in a dream to us, in her formal dress of layered white organza with a contrasting teal sash and sitting in that big, leather chair. I loved her intensity and focus ....and what spunk! She kept us hopping.

It was easy to make a beautiful, formal portrait of Hyson for her Nana, but Hyson really was more interested in her new puppy, Tippie, than us, and we struggled to get a few photographs of her WITHOUT Tippie. And when the time came for Tippie to join her in a few, she just lit up. Tippie has to be the cutest and sweetest puppy I've ever seen ( a Yorkie ).

The portrait colors are going to perfectly coordinate and look fantastic on Nana's formal brick fireplace.

Tuesday, September 16

Ashley and Patrick's Wedding at Laurelwood

We just keep on being amazed at how fantastic our wedding couples can be and how much in love they are!

...and how beautiful a couple!

...and one of the most enthusiastic groups of friends we've ever met!

Oh, yeah! Did I say enthusiastic? Brides always say that, "You've seen it all!" And truly we've seen a lot at weddings, but we've never seen a spontaneous football game break out at the reception between the groom's team and the bride's team. (No one was hurt and all were winners when the DJ called them back inside to dance!)