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Thursday, May 21

Pam and Robert's Girls

I've seen this garden forever... and I mean as long as I can remember that I lived on Signal Mountain. I've never gotten to photograph in it before!

Lila, Alwyn, and Joy were perfect subjects for a perfect setting! They eclipsed the beautiful flowers.

I'm honored to be chosen to capture them.

Monday, May 18

Laura and Ben's Wedding

Wow! Did Laura and Ben luck out on Saturday, or what?!!! After holding off until the last possible moment, the setup crew placed the chairs outdoors, with everyone praying that the rain would hold off. And it did!

Laura and Ben were married under the trees at Laurelwood. The gardens are in full bloom and gorgeous!

We even got to do a few photographs after their ceremony before the rain started. All their friends were so cooperative and lots of fun.

The food, catered by Goetz, was as delicious as ever; the cakes prepared by Vickie Buff were so incredible (fresh strawberry filling!); and the flowers by Laura Kellogg were fragrant and beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen so many peonies in one place at one time!

Their band, Excite! from Atlanta, kept the excitement level high. Alisha Fox and her crew from Foxy Events kept everything moving along. It is such a joy to work with all these talented people!

Laura and Ben, our best wishes to you as you start your life together!

Laura and Todd's Wedding

I get the luxury of falling in love over and over again. No I'm not fickle (and my heart is always with Jeannie!). I get to share the most fantastic brides' dreams and share wedding days with wonderful couples over and over. I'm so blessed!

Laura and Todd are educated, beautiful and from great, supportive families. What a treat to get to share their wedding day! I think they have it made!

With nasty rain predicted, we hurried to get outdoor photographs completed. But the rain didn't come. And then I held my breath during their ceremony... and the rain didn't come. It was on the way to the reception that the blowing deluge came. It was only an inconvenience at that point and Laura had her perfect day!

Once inside the Read House, the worries of the rainy day faded and the splendor of the Silver Ball Room shined. I believe that Morgan from Soirees worked her magic and truly made the Ballroom the most magnificent I've ever seen it. It always lives up to the elegant and storied history it embraces, but Laura's was the best! It was a perfect setting to celebrate their wedding!