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Saturday, May 3

Julie's Little Actors and Actresses

Julie's kids were ready and willing to be our great little actors and actresses. They loved pretending! ...and didn't even mind that we had to have "Take 1" and Take 2" and "Take 3", etc. Getting authentic interaction among kids is always difficult, because we, as parents, teach them from day one that you "look at the camera and SMILE!" Eventually they forgot about us and just became themselves.

What a very natural and contemporary family the are!

Monday, April 28

Helen's Newest

This is Maggie, all dressed up in her blue Strasburg Bishop dress. How beautiful, and smart. (I always know when I have a smart one in front of my camera, because they get bored with my "photographer's tricks" very quickly.) She was a joy!

I photographed Helen's first grandchild, Alexa, almost twenty years ago on Independence Day morning. She's all grown up now, but Helen's kids just keep having babies.

This style below is new to Contemporary Portraits! I actually sketch the portraits using my computer! How fantastic is this! We will be offering the sketches mounted with wide matting and museum framed. The final presentation is incredible. And of course since we start with a beautiful photographic portrait, the likeness is perfect!