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Monday, December 31

Michelle and Chris

Michelle and Chris were married at the historic Read House in Chattanooga last Saturday, December 29th.

Their "Snowflakes" theme was perfect for a Christmas wedding. All enjoyed the excellent food, drink, and the fantastic cakes.

They are off to Florida, where they will honeymoon and Chris can continue his racing with the SCCA before returning home to North Carolina.

Their first dance started slowly, as all first dances do, and then exploded into a sumptuous Latin and Ballroom feast!

...And they ended with this fabulous dip and kiss.

It was a treat for all!

Thursday, November 29

Caroline's first Christmas

We first met Caroline's mom, Sherri, at the Chattanooga Premiere Bridal Show two years ago when she was getting married. Because we were already committed to another bride, we couldn't photograph her wedding.

However, we had a baby portrait at the show and when Caroline came into Sherri's life, she remembered our baby photography. We think her Christmas portraits are about the cutest we've seen.

What a cutie!

Sunday, November 18

A New Beginning

Kevin and Melynda got married tonight in the Mansion at Judges' Hill in Austin with their families and many of their friends looking on. During the ceremony Melynda held both Kevin's hands and in the glow of antique chandeliers recited her personal vows and promise of love for him. Her voice was steady and true, as she traced his eyes with hers. ...and they began life together.

Kevin and Melynda's new family...

It was a great, if rainy, day (Good luck, I hear!),
and the Italian Cream Cake wasn't too bad, eihter.

Saturday, November 3

Chattanooga landmarks

That's what Gretchen had in mind...

Amidst all the rowers on the Tennessee River for the U.S.'s second largest regatta (The Head of the Hooch), we were able to tuck under the Walnut street bridge and find spectacular light. The early morning sun felt especially good this morning.

Who's taking care of whom here?

Friday, November 2

Laney Marie Updated

I think I'm going to talk to all moms in the future about me wearing my running shoes when I photograph one-year-olds!

Laney, our shining star, has become a VERY BUSY GIRL. She doesn't have much time for these adults! (That would be me!) But, how cute she continues to be. Her smiles are dear and I have to be very animated and quick with the camera to capture her.

How fitting that she's so busy. I do seem to remember that her mom, Lindsey, was also a very busy girl with not much time for me, when I photographed HER for the first time twenty years ago.

Wednesday, October 31

Laney is a star!

Last spring Jeannie decided that we needed to be more visible in our community. Many of our clients love Strasburg children's clothing and we knew they allowed a limited number of local photographers to display their portraits of children wearing Strasburg. After an initial contact and showing them some samples of our photography, they graciously allowed us to put a custom album of photographs in the store. We were able to choose from several years' work. It turned out fabulously!

Before long the local manager, now a regional manager, contacted us to see if we knew a baby that we could photograph wearing a certain Strasburg Christening gown for a large formal portrait to display in the mall store, showing off the clothing. Laney immediately came to mind. Nicole brought the gown to our studio and Laney proceeded to make us all look incredible. She is outgoing, beautiful, and full of herself. There were several excellent choices. Strasberg chose their favorite and we've just placed it in the most visible, obvious location in their store... directly behind the register with the Christening gowns.

She also brought a sweet, pink dress complete with bows and hand smocked flowers. It would be perfect for a birthday or special celebration. Check it out!

Go see the original portrait (24x30) at Strasburg Children, if you can. The web just doesn't do justice to the hand smocking, beautiful lace and flowing design. It would honor any worthy child for their special day.

Harlee Regan

We thought we'd never get to photograph her! The weather has not cooperated this fall. Just when the big day would arrive, so would the rain. With as dry as our weather has been, it was great to get the rain, but now I'm even more pleased to have been able to photograph her on a cool, clear afternoon. The light was perfect, as was she!

She loves being photographed and from all I see, she also loves being a little girl in her "princess" dress. She was a joy to be with.

And a buddy had to get in a few!

Harper in her granddad's antique Christening gown

Harper came to see us today for her six month portrait. Her mom, Laurie, couldn't be here because of her work schedule, so her grandma, Rachel stepped-in admirably to be our Number One Assistant. She gives us the most beautiful, soft expressions. She is a doll.

Her gown belonged to her granddad with an updated bib ( with her own monogram ) just for her.

Other than being busy with her teething chores, she was fantastic to have in our camera room.

Thursday, October 25

Master Zachary

Last summer we got to photograph Zachary (sort of). When Mitzi was pregnant with him, she and Paul came in for PG photographs. It was even more fun to photograph Zach this time... just ask Paul.

How tiny and frail he seems at 2½ weeks! We loved how he snuggled into Mitzi and slept... her warmth calmed him and drew him into her. She just glows when Zach is in her arms.

They will look back many years from now to remember just how small he really was.

Beth and Stacey - October 20th

We got to share Beth and Stacey's wedding day with them last Saturday. They got their "dream day" for their wedding! Laurelwood on Signal Mountain was in its fall glory! After several days of cloudy, generally gloomy weather, the sun shone through and a beautiful Tennessee day unfurled. Even the guys didn't mind wearing their tuxes in the clear and cool breeze!

Beth waits patiently on her dad's arm to go down the aisle. Nothing seemed to phase her! She didn't STOP smiling!

...and girls will be girls!

We wish them well in their life together...
May they always be as happy as they are today!

Friday, October 19

Chris and Louise's Newest Treasure

"I'm in charge here!"

There is nothing like the love of a mother for her son!

Having known Louise and Chris for a long time now, it came as no surprise when I saw how proud she is of the new addition to their family. Brown is now three months old and as alert as he is, I'm sure he will be running the household before long. We hear that neither his big sister nor his brother can leave him alone. He's so cute and outgoing, that's no surprise.

Friday, September 14

Prescription for Love...

I was so lucky to spend time with Dr. Emily and Dr. Jonathan on their wedding day. These two pharmacists had a great celebration, and I never caught them without a beaming smile!

Time for the "dippy kiss", as they called it!

Pretty cool, calm, and collected for a bride!

Perfect ending to a perfect day!


Thursday, September 13

Serene Lindsay

What a free thinker she is! She keeps all of on our toes. Great and creative things are in her future!

I love her spunk!

( This style is Sepia with a bit of color... It gives the portrait an old look.)

Friday, September 7

Maeve in our portrait garden

I met Maeve yesterday... I don't usually photograph little ones outdoors, but she was a trooper and quite precocious.

Check her out!


Wednesday, September 5

Maren and her Big Brothers

I never realized until recently just how beautiful a very young baby can be...

The boys are going to notice a few changes around the house!

She's beautiful!


Tuesday, September 4

Friday, August 31

McKinley's first portraits

Today Amanda brought McKinley for her first portraits... She's very alert and sassy to just be six weeks old.

Although she probably wasn't
"ready for her close-up",
we talked Amanda into getting in a few.

She let us use her as our prop...

Ultimately, they were both great, if worn out.


Sunday, August 26

Holly's senior portraits

We just photographed Holly's senior portraits. She has grown beautiful and athletic, and did I say tall? It's been a very long time since I photographed her first baby pictures.

Tuesday, August 21

Happy Birthday Gus!

Today we got reacquainted with Gus... and
boy, has he grown since the last time we saw him.

He was a very busy boy for his 1st birthday pictures

...and he was great!

Home from TPPA

We've just returned from our annual Tennessee Professional Photographers Association conference. We love seeing all of our buddies, as well as learning from and spending time with some of the premiere photographers in the WORLD.

What a great time! ...and then there was that
T O G A thing!

Were in the process now of actually changing over to the new website(s). Lindsey's input convinced us to use two different sites for our wedding and our portraits. It's going to be lots of work, but hopefully the wedding side will be complete by the time the fall Premiere Bridal Show arrives... Sunday, September 9th.

Check it out:

Thursday, August 9

Website changes coming!

After much agonizing we're finally moving ahead in our quest to update our website!

We've chosen two BluDomain sites... to be linked together as our "Weddings" site and our "Portraits" site.

The move should bring us much more into the mainstream of current website design.

You're gonna love it!

Wednesday, August 8

We met the most wonderful couple today: Joseph and Judy Catanese.

They are so in love and it shows after 41 years.

Way to go!


Tuesday, August 7

Congratulations Brooke and Joe!

August 4th,
Brooke and Joe's
wedding day,
was HOT!

(98 ☼)

... And, there was NO rain!


The day and the light were magical.


... and they were great together!