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Wednesday, March 26

Tennessee Professional Photographers Spring Seminars

We've just returned from the annual TPPA Spring Seminars at Montgomery Bell State Park just west of Nashville.

We had an opportunity to study with several well known photographers from around the United States. A few stand out: Richard Ramsey, Elizabeth Homan, and Ross Benton. Richard is from the Memphis area and Liz and Ross are from Texas.

We especially were taken with Richard's presentation on turning photographs into pencil sketches and paintings. Wow! We've known about these techniques for years, but Richard has inspired us to learn them and make these beautiful images available to our clients, as well as traditional photographic portraits.

Look for them in the future (I'd say near future, but we have a steep learning curve that is going to take some time for us to climb).

We also enjoy the camaraderie we get with our fellow professionals. It is a chance for us to catch up with them personally, as well as to find out what's hot photographically in other areas. We always love the chance to learn and get better.

Pictured are (L-R): Josh Gilreath, Gary Moor, David Wright, Jeannie and Greg. All are from Chattanooga, except David, who is from Franklin.

Charlie Garvey (Knoxville) congratulates Greg for winning a new T-shirt. Greg is excited!

Monday, March 24

We photographed Lizzie and Hugh this morning.

I'm usually hesitant to say "This is going to be a great session" and I'm usually pleasantly surprised how a very young big sister (or brother) can rise to the occasion and help with the new baby in the family.

Lizzie really was marvelous and became my best buddy during the session (at least as long as I had my trusty container of bubbles). She really has grown up a lot since I last photographed her as a baby!

Hugh, who was generally just happy with the world, as most boys are, made the whole session a pleasure. He was content to let us do just about anything.

...until he decided he was hungry! I laugh with young moms often about feeding time during sessions. It is my observation that they will be more ravenous and demand more food than they ever do otherwise. I tell moms to be sure they are prepared! I often hear, "They never eat this much!" They do! ...and then they will take the best nap ever!

...and did I say what a beautiful little girl Lizzie has become?