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Friday, April 25

Mary Sue has a baby brother!

Dad, Jed, was looking to match a photograph of Alderson to one of Mary Sue. Alderson looks very much like her at seven months.

Boy, did we get it right. [Note: I'll be reminding them to write names on the backs of the photographs, so when they're OLD, they really will know which baby is in the photograph.]

Mary Sue won my "Best Girl of the Day" award... and my heart. She was so helpful with Alderson that it made our job easy. She definitely earned more treats than anyone! I found out though, that she's not a chocolate fan, rather preferring her Skittles and Sweet Tarts.

I even convinced Coughlin to get into a couple of the photographs. Alderson smiled (laughed!) bigger for her than he had all day.

Hayden and Harrison

So our garden survived the severe, damaging, late freeze in April 2007! It has come back beautifully this year and the hostas, jonquils, and dogwoods are more beautiful than ever.

Hayden and Harrison were our first two to be photographed this spring in our garden. They are too pretty to be boys. Their eyes, from mom AND dad are hard to look away from. I'm jealous!

They were very distractable, busy, and ultimately fantastic in front of my camera. Hayden's confidence and inquisitiveness kept me on my toes... he's surely going to be an engineer. What a great, big brother! And sweet, hesitant, tentative Harry just melted our hearts.