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Wednesday, March 5

Yes, It's been a while!

We've been hibernating! Not really. We've just completed a redo of our workstation computers. It was very trying!

Having built all of our computers for the last ten years, I jumped in to build us two identical great new computers. ...and that's where plans took a side turn!

I've never had any trouble with selecting, ordering, and building before.

As you can see from this picture, I'm in the middle of some major surgery here... usually I put the components INSIDE the case. The RAM turned out to have memory errors (sorta like me!) but throuh a lot of trial, error, help from tech support and cursing, we eventually isolated the problems and finally have our computers.

[If you're a techie: They are Intel Core Duo quads running at 2.4 GhZ with four GB of this very fast RAM. Wow!] They should speed up our day to day picture editing and designing of wedding albums. Our old computers were about five years old and we were worried about their reliability, also.

We're back in the picture business!